Designation Status

“Core Competitiveness of NTREE Testing Lab.”

Core Competitiveness

Testing quality, resources, process operations and efficiency improvement for sales, establishing a strategic management control systems and accumulating technical know-how are core competitiveness of NTREE Testing Lab.

  • Quality
    • Korean/Global Certification Institutions
    • Proven test quality (More than 20 years of peer experience)
    • Quality response according to market requirements (Minimize manufacturing risk)
  • Resources
    • Provide One-Stop-Service of Product Safety, Performance, Electromagnetic, Radio Frequency
    • Enter China, the world's manufacturing base (Operating a local laboratory in China)
    • Civilian largest Optical Testing Laboratory
    • 5G Radio Frequency Testing Laboratory
  • Sales
    • Optimize Testing and Certification Costs
    • Excellent customer certification cost preferential treatment
  • Korea Lab. Accreditation Scheme
    • Certi. Agency :
      Korea Lab. Accreditation (KOLAS)
    • Certi. Field :
      Household Electronic Equipment, Lighting Equipment Electromagnetic Compatibility, Energy Efficiency
  • Designated as RRA Commissioning Test Laboratory
    • Certi. Agency :
      National Radio Research Agency (RRA)
    • Certi. Field :
      Electromagnetic Compatibility, Radio Frequency, Canada MRA, USA MRA, Vietnam MRA etc.
  • Designated 'High-Efficiency / Efficiency Ratings/ Standby Power Testing Laboratory' by 'Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy'
    • Certi. Agency :
      Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
    • Certi. Field :
      High-Efficiency : LED Guide Lamp / other types
      Standby Power : Computer / other types
      Efficiency Management : Incandescent Lamp / other types
  • Designated as 'Samsung Electronics Testing lab.'
    • Certi. Agency :
      Samsung Global CS Center
    • Certi.Field :
      Multi Media Equipment & Household Equipment
      Light Equipment & Mobile Product against relevant standards
  • UL Designated Testing Lab.
    • Certi. Agency :
      UL Korea
    • Certi.Field :
      Witness Test Data, Program (WTDP)
  • CVC Designated Testing Lab.
    • Certi. Agency :
      Vkan Certification & Testing Co., Ltd
  • MOU with 'Defence Agency for Technology and Quality'
    • Certi. Agency :
      Defence Agency for Technology and Quality
  • VCCI
    • Certi. Agency :
    • Certi. Field :
      10m/3m Chamber, Conduction Test site, ISN Test site
  • Venture Business Confirmation
    • Certi. Agency :
      Ministry of SMEs and Startups & Korea Venture Business Association