Declaration : Quality Policy

NTREE Co., Ltd. aims to provide fast, accurate and confident testing services based on the best technology and resources to realize customer satisfaction. We declare the specific policy as follows for practice/ maintenance/ improvement.

1. Quality management practice
All executives and employees shall actively participate in efficient quality management activities, such as systemizing/documenting various operation/management/practice processes related to their duties and continuing education/training to secure the best technical skills.

2. Customer satisfaction management practice
All executives and employees shall make every effort to provide true value based on mutual trust and respect with customers so that customers realize customer satisfaction by recognizing that they are the foundation of the company's profits and growth. In addition, all data generated and collected for customer information and testing requested products shall be treated as confidential and shall protect the property rights of the customers.

3. Ethical management practice
All executives and employees shall be familiar with the details of the company's documents, maintain independence, impartiality, and morality related to their duties, and ensure reliability as a recognized testing laboratory by applying valid testing methods.