The Optical Lab. of the NTREE Testing Laboratory is the largest laboratory in the private sector and boasts the best technology. Tests such as total luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering index, backlighting, photobiological safety, flicker, etc. for lighting and optics are conducted and KC, High-efficiency Appliance Certification, and Energy Efficiency are supported.
Test Scope
  • Total Luminous Flux
  • Luminous Efficiency
  • Illuminance
  • Luminous Intensity
  • Luminous Intensity Distribution
  • Correlated Colour Temperature
  • Chromaticity Coordinates, x/y, u/v, u’/v’
  • Colour Rendering Index
  • Spectral Irradiance, 250 nm ~ 2500 nm
  • Spectral radiance, 300 nm ~ 1400 nm
  • UV Radiation
  • Photometric Flicker Energy Star, PSE etc.
  • Starting Time, Warm-Up Time ErP, Energy Star
  • Light Simulation
Key Support Certification
  • KS, High-efficiency appliance certification, energy efficiency
  • Korea Expressway Corporation Standards
  • Minimum green standards of the Public Procurement Service, Group standards
  • Eco-Lavel Certification
  • EnergyStar, DLC, IEC Performance(IEC 62612, IEC 62717, IEC 62722)
  • Photobiological Safety, IEC/EN 62471, IEC TR 62778 etc.
  • Product optical performance assessment and government task assessment request test
Energy Efficiency (High-Efficiency/Efficiency Ratings)
Test product group Standard Example of applied products Test site
LED guidance lamp Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Notice No. 2020-40
Regulations on the Promotion of Supply of High-Efficiency Appliance Certification
Induction light with LED as light source Pajang
Lighting fixtures Indoor/Outdoor LED lamp
PLS lamp
Lighting fixtures for Ultra Constant Discharge lamp
Lighting fixtures for electroless fluorescent lamp
LED lamp(High-efficiency) Intuitive LED Lamp (Converter External)
Fluorescent Lamp Alternative LED Lamp (Converter Internal)
Test product group Standard Example of applied products Test site
Electric fan Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Notice No. 2020-83
Regulations for the Operation of Efficiency ratings Equipment
Wing diameter (20 cm ~ 41 cm)
Typical fan for general households and offices
Incandescent bulb Incandescent light bulbs with power consumption (25 W ~ 150 W)
Fluorescent lamp Intuitive type (20 W, 28 W, 32 W, 40 W)
Compact type (FPX 13 W, FDX 26W, FPL 27/32/26/45/55 W)
Stabilizer Built-in Lamp Lamps with built-in stabilizers with power consumption (5 W ~ 60 W)
Adapter/Charger Output Power Adapter 150 W or less
Lithium-ion battery charger with input power of 20W or less
Television set Screen diagonal length (47 cm ~ 216 cm)
Television sets with a vertical resolution of less than 4320.
(except CRT, PDP, Micro LED Display)
Converter Internal LED Converter Internal LED
Converter External LED Lamp Converter External LED Lamp
Signage Display Screen diagonal length (30.48 cm ~ 159.94 cm)
Energy Efficiency (Standby Power)
Standard Applied product group Test site
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Notice No. 2017-91.
Operating Regulations for Standby Power Reduction Program
Computer Radio Cassette Pajang
Monitor Microwave
Printer Doorphone
Facsimile Wired/wireless phone
Copy machine Bidet
Scanner Hand dryer
Complex machine Server
Automatic sleep control Digital converter
Audio Wired/wireless Internet modem
DVD player