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IoT, Home Appliances, CCTV, Parking, Electronic Units
Procurement Certification, Korean-Global EMC, RF(5G)
Support Project for the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency(FCC, RED, CE, LVD, UL)
Bongkwan Lee Manager +82-10-9128-8286
Juhwan Kim Manager +82-10-8007-5428
David Park Manager +82-10-2246-1083
Euisoo Ha Manager +82-10-5401-3488
PC Procurement Business, Administrative Computer Network Test, drone, Signage Display Sunkwan Kim Managing Director +82-10-3283-4534
Lighting(Global Certification:CE, UL, FCC, DLC, PSE, etc.) Wansoo Kim General Manager +82-10-4525-9826
Lighting(Korean Certification:KS, High-efficiency, EMC, Commissioned Test) Juho Kim Manager +82-10-9355-1823
Lighting(Group Standard, Procurement Specification, Reliability Test) Seil Park Manager +82-10-3618-6684
Lighting(Road Construction, Radio Frequency Test) Jungwoong Hwang Manager +82-10-5300-6931
KC Safety Certification(overseas manufacturers)
China, Global Certification
Youngae Lee Managing Director +82-10-3820-0600