KS Marking Certification


KS marking certification system that recognizes that products or services are at the level of the Korea Industrial Standards (KS) for the purpose of introducing and promoting in-house standardization and quality management in the industry and protecting consumers by expanding the distribution of excellent industrial products.

Applied Product

Target service providers that provide KS standard services with KS standards and screening standards.

NO Standard Number Standard Title
1 KSC 7651 Converter Internal LED lamp
2 KSC 7652 Converter External LED Lamp
3 KSC 7653 Purchased and Fixed LED Registers
4 KSC 7655 Converter for LED Module Power Supply
5 KSC 7658 LED Street Lamps and Security Lights
6 KSC 7659 LED Module for Text Signage
7 KSC 7712 LED Flood Light Bulb
8 KSC 7713 LED Landscape Lighting
9 KSC 7716 LED Tunnel Lighthouse
10 KSC 7717 LED crosswalk light
Certification Procedure
Certification Preparation
  • Business License
  • Factory registration certificate
  • Manufacturing facility list
  • Inspection Facility List
  • List of key material management (parts, modules, materials, etc.)
  • Copy of recognition of ISO 9001 (if applicable)
  • Internal Audit Report(If, Applicable)
  • Results of nonconformity corrective actions (if applicable)
  • Company Status Guide
  • Company Standards / Applicable KS Standards and Examination
  • Original QC personnel certificate certificate and documentation of proof