High-efficiency Certification System


The High Efficiency Energy Material Certification System is a voluntary system that certifies products that meet more than a certain standard of energy efficiency and quality test results announced by the government as high-efficiency energy materials.
This certification system is designed to promote the distribution of high-efficiency products and to form an initial market, and Korea Energy Corporation issues a certificate of high-efficiency energy materials at the voluntary request of manufacturers or importers.

Applied Product
Subject Target Item Applied Standard
1 Gas Boilers for Industrial and Building Depending on the classification of fruits generated, the steam boiler shall have a rated capacity of 20T/h and a maximum use pressure of 0.98MPa{10.0kg/£}, and the hot water boiler shall have a maximum use pressure of 2,000,000£/h or less, and the fuel shall use gas.
2 Pump Turbo-type pumps with a designated diameter of less than 2,200mm of discharge aperture
3 Screw Chiller A screw freezer comprising a frozen cycle with condensers, refrigerant pipes, and controls, with a cooling capacity of 1,512,000 £/h{1,758.1 kW, 500 USRT} or less measured in accordance with KS B 6275;
4 Uninterruptible Power Supply 1) Single phase: The inverter operation is suspended due to load reduction as it is an online method among the AC uninterruptible power devices prescribed by KS C 4310 regulations with a single phase of 50 kVA or less.
2) SAMSUNG: It is an online method among the AC uninterruptible power devices prescribed by KS C 4310 regulations under 300 kVA of SAMSUNG. However, the inverter does not need to be shut down due to load reduction.
5 Inverter The maximum capacity of 220kW or less as an inverter to reduce energy due to variable speed operation according to motor load conditions.
6 Direct Absorption Chiller 2,466 kW (2,12 kw) rated heating capacity as a direct absorption cold water heater that burns gas and oil to generate cold and hot water.
7 Centrifugal Ventilator Centrifugal ventilator with a pressure ratio of 1.3 or less or a transmission pressure of 30 kPa or less (hereinafter referred to as a fan or fan) shall be applied to the outer diameter of the impeller's flag from 160mm to 1,800mm, and shall be used for air, ventilation, and air conditioning.
8 Turbo Compressor Turbo-type compressor with motorized driving method with pressure ratio greater than 1.3 or transmission pressure greater than 30 kPa
9 LED Guidance Lamp Induction light using LED (Light Emitting Diode) as a light source
10 Thermo-hygrostat Rated cooling capacity of 6 kW{5160 kcal/h} during anti-temperature and humidifier Above 35kW {30100kcal/h} the following
11 Meat-tight Insulation Door The door used in the area adjacent to the open air of a building with a heat perfusion rate of not more than 1.2W/(㎡ £K) under KS F 2297 and a class of air-tightness class of not more than 1£/h/㎡;
12 Gas Heat Pump A heat pump-type cooling and heating device that drives a compressor of a steam compressed frozen cycle by a gas engine that uses city gas or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel, and has a rated cooling capacity of not less than 23 kW.
13 Electric Power Storage System (ESS) 'Secondary battery' certified by the Battery Energy Storage Association and 'Power conditioning system (PCS) manufactured with safety performance test according to the Smart Grid Association Standard 'SPSSGSF-025-4 Electrical Storage System Performance Test Requirements'. However, the range of power storage is rated by this standard.
14 Maximum Demand Power Control System The maximum demand power controls used for maximum demand power control and their peripheral devices (power draw, synchronous access, external relay devices, remote controls, monitoring software), free volts including AC 110 V to 220 V and DC 110 V to 125 V, and direct communication to RS232 C, RS485, and Ethernet.
15 LED Module for Text Signboards LED module (light source) below DC 50 V used for character signboards
16 Window Glass Film for Cooling Solar shielding film to enhance the cooling effect of buildings by attaching it to windows of buildings, with a visible light transmittance of more than 50% under KS L 2514 and a solar energy acquisition rate of less than 0.5 hours after 500 hours under KS F 2274 WX-A test conditions.
17 Gas Vaccum Hot Water Boiler The boiler is a boiler that generates hot water while maintaining a vacuum inside, and the fuel uses gas and has a heating capacity of less than 2 million Kcal/Hr and a hot water capacity of 2 million Kcal/Hr.
18 Medium Temperature Absorption Refrigerator A medium-temperature absorption freezer with a rated cooling capacity of not more than 2,813 kW (800 USRT) using medium-low heating hot water as a single-utility heating source, including a medium-temperature singlestage absorption freezer and a double-stage absorption refrigerator with an auxiliary cycle.
19 Electric Vehicle Charging Device Electric vehicle conductive direct current charging device prescribed by KS C IEC 61851-23 or KC 61851-23 and certified by KC under the Electrical and Household Goods Safety Management Act;
20 Lighting Fixtures 1) Interior LED lamp
Lanterns used as integral or embedded light sources at AC 220 V, 60 Hz
2) LED light fixtures for outdoor use
Lanterns used as integral or embedded light sources at AC 220 V, 60 Hz
3) PLS registered equipment
700 W or 1000 W registered instruments utilizing microwave energy in ISM bands of 1000 V or less;
4) Lanterns for ultra-static discharge lamps
registered instruments of not more than 150W used at AC 220 V, 60 Hz
5) Lanterns for electroless lamps
Lanterns for electroless fluorescent lamps used in AC 220 V, 60 Hz
21 LED Lamp 1) Intuitive LED lamp (converter external type)
With an intuitive LED lamp (converter external type) with a lamp power of not more than 22 W and a G13 cap as specified in KC60061-1, and a D12 cap as specified in KC20001, and an LED converter to drive the lamp.
2) Fluorescent lamp alternative LED lamp (converter internal type)
Integrated converter LED lamps with compatibility replacing dual-cap and single-cap fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps 20W, 32W, 40W alternative LED lamps with G13 caps, fluorescent lamps 36W, 55W alternative LED lamps with 2G11 caps)
22 Smart LED Lighting System The smart LED lighting system shall consist of one system to control various functions through smart sensors and smart controls, and at least one function for each function shall be combined.
Certification Procedure
Certification Preparation

1) Application for certification
2) Documents concerning the maintenance of certification efficiency of the product (If the company intends to obtain additional certified products with the same item, it shall submit additional changes in the attached documents upon initial certification).

  • Business Status
  • Items on the nameplate of the product requested for certification and product documentation
  • Manufacturing and Inspection Equipment History
  • Certificate efficiency maintenance pledge
  • Other else needs

3) Test report issued by the designated testing agency within 90 days

Certificate Exemption Device

Products that do not fall within the announced scope of application are not subject to high efficiency certification, and "application for expansion of items" can be made separately.

Post-certification Management

Certificate Issuance and Certification Validity If the application documents and test reports meet the standards for the results of the factory review, a certificate shall be issued and notified to the applicant, but an English certificate shall be issued at the request of the enterprise.

  • The validity period of certification of high-efficiency energy equipment materials shall be three years from the date of issuance of the certificate;
  • If you continue to produce certified products, you can extend the expiration date for 3 years, and you must apply for extension 90 days before the expiration of the expiration date of the certification.
  • If there is an application for extension of the validity period, the validity period shall be extended within 14 days if the technical standard is exceeded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy as a result of the certification evaluation. In such cases, the validity period shall be applied from the day after the original expiration date.
Certification Mark Method
  • 1) Expression of exclusive colors is the principle, but it can be printed in four primary colors depending on the characteristics of the medium applied.
    • Orange KS 0187 2.5YR 6/14 Magenta 50% , Yellow 100%
    • Red KS 0106 7.5R 5/16 Magenta 90%, Yellow 100%
    • Indigo KS 1102 5PB 3/10 Cyan 100%, Magenta 70%
    • Black N1 Black 100%
    2) In some cases, monochromatic expression is possible, and 100% of the ink or the main color of the surface is used.
    3) The size of the items to be displayed is selected by the certified person according to the size of the equipment.
    4) When marking high-efficiency equipment, the certification mark, certification number, and model name shall be attached to high-efficiency equipment products, and other marks prescribed in attached Table 2 of the Regulations on Promotion of Supply of High-efficiency equipment shall be clearly marked in a clear manner.
    5) Marking time shall be within the validity period of certification of high-efficiency equipment.
  • 1) The principle is to express the color, but it can be printed in four primary colors depending on the characteristics of the medium applied.
    • Orange 5YR 6.5/14 Magenta 45%, Yellow 100% Magenta 50%, Yellow 100%
    • Yellow 7.5Y 8.5/12 Yellow 100% Magenta 90% , Yellow 100%
    • Green 2.5GY 7/10 Cyan 40%, Yellow 95% Cyan 100%, Magenta 70%
    • Black N1 Black 100% Black 100% Black 100%
    2) It can be expressed in monochrome in some cases except for the light color. For the surface of the product, 100% of the ink or the main color of the surface is used.
    3) The size of the items to be displayed is selected by the certified person according to the size of the equipment.
    4) High efficiency equipment LED lighting product packaging box shall be marked with rated light speed, power consumption, light efficiency, colorability, and color temperature. Mark the packaging box clearly on the visible surface of the packaging box.
    5) Marking time is within the valid period for certification of high-efficiency equipment.