Standby Power Reduction Program


The Standby Power Reduction Program is a mandatory reporting system to expand the distribution of excellent standby power reduction products and promote the development of related technologies that reduce standby power consumed when electronics are not used.

Applied Product
Subject Target Item Applied Standard
1 Computer Refrigerators and refrigerators with an effective content of not more than 1,000 litres, having a cooling system with a rated power consumption of not more than 500W as specified in KS C IEC 62552.
2 Monitor An electrical appliance with a diagonal screen size of 153 cm or less, consisting of a display screen (CRT, LCD, LED, PDP, etc.) and associated electronic devices that can express output information from a computer through one or more input terminals, such as VGA or DVI. Includes products that have both monitor and television functions and are sold as monitors.
However, it excludes monitors with special functions such as computer integrated monitors, network monitors, VoIPs, etc.,
broadcasting monitors, medical monitors, and products falling under Article 4-26 of the Regulations for Management of Efficiency Equipment.
3 Printer A device with a rated power rating of 3,000W or less that receives data from a computer or other storage medium and outputs data in hardcopy, using technology of heat-sensitive, dye sublimation, electronic photography, thermal transfer, solid ink, inkjet. Except for printers using continuous paper, printers using their own servers, and printers that can load more than 2,000 paper supplies simultaneously.
4 Facsimile A device with a rated power of 3,000W or less to scan the original hardcopy and transmit the hardcopy printed information through the Internet or telephone system, and the product format is a standard format specified in Annex 2 using thermal, dye sublimation, electronic photography, thermal transfer, solid ink and inkjet technology. Includes printer facsimile and container.
5 Copy Machine A device with a rated power of 5,000W or less, which obtains a copy from the original document or picture, uses thermal insulation, dye sublimation, electronic photography, thermal transfer, and solid ink technology in the standard format specified in attached Table 2. Includes a digital copy machine with an extension that gives you the option to upgrade with most features such as printers, facsimiles, scanners, etc. by attaching additional devices. Except for large documents and large copiers for professional documentation output (with specialized Rip or Output Device for output enhancement) among devices with product speed (ipm) of 60 or higher.
6 Scanner Electronic optical instruments with a rated power of 1,000W or less that function to transform color or blackand-white information into electronic images that can be stored, edited, transformed and transmitted in a computer environment, including a universal desktop scanner (flat feeder and film scanner) and advanced office document management.
7 Complexer A multi-functional video output device with a rating of 5,000W or less, equipped with functions such as a copier, printer, facsimile, scanner, etc., uses technology such as thermal insulation, dye sublimation, electronic photography, thermal transfer, solid ink, and inkjet. Except for large-scale documentation and large-scale complex for professional documentation output (with specialized Rip or Output Device for output improvement) among devices with product speed (ipm) of 60 or higher.
8 Automatic Sleep Control A multi-tap, standby power switch (controller) that automatically shuts off standby power by detecting or detecting the operation of the connected device or by setting a certain amount of time, auto-sleep control for full-wave broadcasting equipment, or stand-by power cut function specified by this regulation.
9 Audio Electrical appliances with rated power consumption of 1 kW or less that record and play signals (no video signals included) in the audio area played by headphones, speakers, and voice signal transducers.
Includes cassette deck, CD player/changer, CD recorder, equalizer, mini-components, mid-components, speakers, stereo amplifier, stereo receiver, audio DVD integration, etc. Except for radio car sets, battery-powered portable products, USB-charged products,
10 DVD Player Digital multi-function disc player. Electrical appliances with a rated power consumption of 150W or less, recording and replaying digitized video signals to rotating reflective disk media. Except portable products operated by batteries, broadcasting products, and medical products.
11 Radio Cassette Microwave with rated power consumption of 4 kW or less
12 Microwave Home microwave ovens with rated power consumption of 2,000W or less
13 Doorphone Home microwave ovens with rated power consumption of 2,000W or less
14 Wired and Wireless Phone A telephone that uses an alternating current power rating of 150W or less for voice signal exchange, and is connected to a national line or network with additional functions such as automatic response, caller indication, speaker phone, portable charging. Includes wired phones, wired and wireless phones, wireless phones, wireless phones, VoIP phones, etc. Except for phones that do not use external power, USB-type phones, phones that directly connect and charge cell phone chargers, and video phones.
15 Bidet It is a type of sanitary device used to warm water and spray it on the user's anus or local area after toilet, and it is for electric bidet such as electric heat displacement and hot water cleaning bidet with rated power of 2,000W or not.
16 Modem A device used to connect data communication devices such as computers and terminals to communication lines, a modulator and a demodulator, separated from computer or other terminal devices, and equipped with a separate power supply, is limited to external modems rated at 150W or less.
17 Home Gateway A device that accommodates external access networks, connects home network devices used in your home to wired and wireless networks, and provides home network services such as protocol conversion, control, monitoring and management?Available?All electrical appliances with rated power of 150W or less when maximum traffic occurs on LAN ports. Except for home gateways with wallpads
18 Hand Dryer Electrical equipment used to dry hands using a fan or electric heating system and equipment with a rated power consumption of not more than 3,000W
19 Server Purchased by a company for data center or office use and distributed to servers in the market, meeting all of the following conditions:
- Using an operating system for servers
- Supports Error-Correcting Code or Buffer Memory (Buffered DIMM or Buffer On Board Configuration)
- Sold with AC-DC or DC-DC power units with rated power consumption of 3,000W or less;
- All processors have access to shared system memory Except for servers with three or more processor sockets, blade systems, fault tolerance servers, and multinode servers.
20 Digital Converter A device that converts terrestrial digital broadcast signals into analog broadcast signals with a rated power consumption of less than 100 W, except those with CA functionality.
21 Wired and Wireless Router Multiple wired and wireless devices share a single Internet line, allowing simultaneous Internet access, and network devices with less than 9 ports of Ethernet supporting NAT capabilities.
Except wireless shareholders that do not include wired functionality, devices that are mounted in a standard rack, devices that include modems, and devices that are powered through batteries without receiving separate power.
Certification procedure
Certificate Exemption Device

Products not within the announced scope of application are not subject to regulation of this system, so products cannot be reported or energy saving marks cannot be attached arbitrarily.

Certification Mark Method

Standby power warning signs (warning labels) are mandatory labels to alert consumers to products that do not meet the stand-by power reduction criteria.
On the other hand, energy saving marks that can be attached to products that meet the criteria can be applied arbitrarily.

  • Products below standby power reduction standard
    ※ Mandatory indication ※
  • Satisfied products based on standby power reduction
    ※ Random mark ※